Student Led Conference

With your parent(s), please share what your parents enjoyed most.


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  1. Kelly T. says:

    Ballad of Mulan because the drawing is good and my story is kind of nice.

  2. Kaitlin T. says:

    self simile peom and postive and negative fall art because they were very intresting.

  3. Johnson(Kyle) C. says:

    Halloween Poem beacause it you get to learn when is halloween

  4. Rishi B. says:

    Positive/Negative Fall Art

  5. Morgan F. says:

    I enjoyed the description and presentation by Morgan. I was given a more detail narrative of each assignment and preparation to the year-end State Test. I also enjoyed talking with Mr.Shigamesa.

  6. Morgan H. says:

    The poem because it is very interesting

  7. Phoebe L. says:

    My dad liked most is the Self-Simile-Poem.
    I really liked the Positive/Negative Fall Art.

  8. Phoebe L. says:

    My mom enjoyed all the work on the wall especially the Mulan story. I liked the self simile poem.

  9. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    I like the Ballad of Mulan because I took my time, and I did my best work.

  10. Dhruv K. says:

    I liked sharing my frankenstine positive negitive art with my mom and sister.

  11. Sofia Y. says:

    I liked the self simile poem because it is cute.

  12. Kelly T. says:

    i really like all the things on the wall. even my mom!!!

  13. Braxton H. says:

    From Braxton: Me and my mom liked all the things on the wall too Kelly!

  14. Leilani W. says:

    My Mom enjoyed the simile poem,my Dad liked the science, and my brother, Kai liked the bamboo art.

  15. Rachel Q. says:

    my dad and i enjoyed my simile poem and my Mulan art and writing

  16. Fiona W. says:

    My mom enjoyed my positive/negative Fall art and my self simile poem. My dad liked my self simile poem and Ballad of Mulan.

  17. Fiona W. says:

    bamboo art and self simile poem.

  18. Sanjith M. says:

    My Mom likes that I am doing good with my academics. She enjoyed my positive/negative fall art. My sister liked my self simile poem.

  19. Yelena N. says:

    My tutor liked self simile poem

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