Mulan spent ten tough years at war. She fought hundreds of fierce battles and endured cold and harsh weather. She was able to persevere through these difficulties and make it home as a hero.  Name a time when you faced a difficult situation.  Why was it difficult and how did you persevere


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  1. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    A time when I persevered was when I first learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. No matter how many times I fell, I was able to persevere through it. I could persevere by practicing three times a week. I felt glad that I had my parents there to help me.

  2. Leilani W. says:

    I used to use training wheels. I had trouble riding a bike at first. Narrow places where difficult for me, but when I kept practicing without trainig wheels, I soon perservered. In a flash I was riding down slopes and riding with one hand.

  3. Dhruv K. says:

    I had a hard time riding my bike with out training wheels.First,I was riding on training wheels but then one day I decided to ride with out training wheels.My dad first took off one training wheel and I rode it was a little wobbly but I got the hang of it.Then he took off the other wheel and I finally rode with out any training wheels.

  4. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    That sounds cool!

  5. Lainey L. says:

    I used training wheels at first.My dad took off the training wheels.When I started I fell off my bike.The second time I crashed in the garage.My third time I almost got it.My fourth time I finally got it.

  6. Ardell Clarence V. says:

    It was a Tuesday. I tried to swim but I had a hard time. My mom helped me and carried me and carried me and said,"Just rest." I rested.i started to swim.

  7. Morgan F. says:

    Once my dad taught me how to play golf. It was hard because of the heat. I persevered by ignoring it. It took me a long time to learn. At the end I got a bottle of cold water.

  8. Leilani W. says:

    Oops! I meant Braxton

  9. Leilani W. says:

    Sorry, I meant to send this to MorganH.

  10. Jooahn P. says:

    When I tried to ride a bike it was hard.I had to use training wheels.One day I wanted to ride my bike with two wheels.But I couldn't.The next day I rode my bike with two wheels and I just kept on going!That's how I rode my bike.

  11. Natalie W. says:

    My mom tought me how to ride a bike.I fell lots of times but I tried my best.Soon my mom took my traning weels off.I started to like it with out traning weels off.

  12. Natalie W. says:


  13. Morgan F. says:

    Plus training

  14. Sanjith M. says:

    What do you mean by "wheels."

  15. Morgan F. says:

    she wanted to correct her english

  16. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    Do you mean you rode your bike without training wheels?!

  17. Morgan F. says:


  18. Morgan F. says:

    I think

  19. Lynsie B. says:

    I had a hard time learning about division. So I go home and practice on my workbook. I was practicing and practicing my division. But when I go to after school I was taking a test.But now when my teacher was teaching our division I know division now.

  20. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    Yah, that was hard for me, too.

  21. Kaitlin T. says:

    When I started to go swimming I really struggled. Then my mom hired me a swimming teacher and I kept o practicing. My swimming teacher made me jump in the deep side and go swimming on my own. I was really scared so we also practice to jump in the shallow side. Then I finally knew how to swim on my own.

  22. Sanjith M. says:

    I got lost in the mall. It was scary but I found my family again. I was so scared! I got lost in the clothes section. I got lost because I hid in the clothes.They left without me because they didn't notice. I found out where they went.

  23. Rishi B. says:

    I had a lot of trouble learning to ride my bike at first.At first I rode with training wheels.My dad said I had to ride with no training wheels,so I practiced and practiced and I did it.

  24. Kelly T. says:

    I had a difficult time learning how to jump rope . I trip and trip and continue to trip. But one day I practice slowly and never stop. So now I bought a jump rope . I practice at home . Now i am FANTASTIC at jump rope !!!

  25. Kelly T. says:

    Don't anyone get embarrassed when you make mistakes? I do. That's the problem that i'm shy. I don't like singing Solo either .

    I practiced at school by the way. Because i didn't have enough room in my house. At least i got better. but i still trip sometimes. Jeshua is better than me sometimes

  26. Phoebe L. says:

    I had a hard time learning how to ride a bike. I first started with four wheeles. I rode faster and faster. When I grew bigger, I started to take off my training wheeles. When I tried to mride a two-wheeled bike the first time,Ifell off and cut my knee. I kept on trying and I finally did it. Now I know how to ride my bike!

  27. Kelly T. says:

    So you first rode with training wheels now you don't ?

  28. Rachel Q. says:

    A time I persevered through something was when I was learning how to swim. I couldn't swim. I had to use floaties when I swam. I thought I was going to drown every time. I finally learned from swimming lessons and my dad. One day, I tried and I got it. Now I can swim all by myself. I was able to persevere through this challenge.

  29. Sofia Y. says:

    I had a hard time tying my hair. I tried and tried and tried. Every time I tried to tie my hair, I always look in the mirror to see if it was perfect.Now I can tye my own hair cause I kept practicing

  30. Braxton H. says:

    I had a difficult time learning how to dive.I
    kept on doing it wrong but I practiced and practiced and I slowly learned and got better and better.

  31. Morgan H. says:

    When I was one I tried to walk. I keep on trying but I keep on falling. When it was my birthday I walked up and down the stairs. And I walked outside and walk. Then I showed my mom

  32. Leilani W. says:

    I meant Braxton.

  33. Leilani W. says:

    What tricks can you do?

  34. Leilani W. says:

    I made a big mistake and I'm trying to persevere. First, I accidentally sent my first comment to Morgan (What tricks can you do?) when it was supposed to send it to Braxton. The computer mixed up the order of my comments. I'm figuring out how to use this program. That`s why it looks like a mix-up. By the way, this is not for my actual assignment.

  35. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    Yah... I could do a thousand tricks in 2 months.

  36. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    But everyone makes mistakes, and every one has those days.Hannah Montana said this once.

  37. Kelly T. says:

    Don't anyone get embarrassed when you make mistakes? I do. That's the problem that i'm shy. I don't like singing Solo either .

  38. Amber C. says:

    When I first started rollerskating I fell down a lot. It was very hard and difficult . My mom helped by holding my hand and finally, after a lot of practice I did it.

  39. Aurora(Billie) C. says:

    I'm good at rollerskating, although I'm always falling. I'm still practicing,though.

  40. Fiona W. says:

    I couldn't ride on a two wheeled bicycle. My parents couldn't let go of my bicycle seat while I rode off. I kept riding and riding until I got very good with my parents holding the back of my seat. They slowly let go of the seat while I rode on. Finally, I rode until I could balance on two wheeled bicycle without my parents helping me.

  41. Yelena N. says:

    When I was younger I could not ride a 2 wheeler bike. I was sad because my brothers could and I couldnt. Eventually I got some training wheels and began to learn. Then I finally learned to ride a 2 wheeler bike because my dad taught me how. After that I was very happy because I could ride bikes with my two brothers Max and Absolon.

  42. Thomas K. says:

    When I was five years old. I was learning how to swim. First, i used floating noddles. Then I swam without the noodles and then I swam and I almost drowned, But I didn't drowned.

  43. Jeshua F. says:

    When I was 7, I had trouble going on a two wheel bike. but now I know how to ride it;). Then My Dad took off the training wheels. And he tought me by every day going outside to ride my bike.

  44. Paul H. says:

    It was hard to ride a bike. At first, I fell a lot. Then my friend helped me to hold the bike up while I tried to ride it. Finally, I got hold of it and now I can ride by myself.

  45. Morgan F. says:

    did you get hurt or not?

  46. Morgan F. says:

    I meant to capitalize that.

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