Are you too wired?

Based on our discussion in class after watching the video, we can see that too many electronic gadgets may be distracting for kids.  With that in mind, read this article.

What are the benefits of having access to technology?  What are the drawbacks? Should parents place limits on tech usage?  Why/not?  Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future? 

Since this blog requires a longer article to read, I'll let you post through spring break, but you must have your comments posted by the Monday on which we return to school. 


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  1. Chen C. says:

    You can't comment,Jonathan! You're not in third trimester!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joyce L. says:

    who cares. just as long as he doesn't say anything bad about us it won't rally matter.

  3. Erica Y. says:

    yeah!! (gangs up on 陳水扁/トトロ) (if you dont get it go to the band blog)(yay marching band!!) o yes i have a comment. or 2. as i always have. 1. cool. the artacal is soo long. 2. wasnt chen in the 2ed trimester too...?

  4. Jonathan L. says:

    I am nothing close to 陳水扁 so you might stop calling me that. Luckily for me, very few people know who is so I don't care. If I really am 陳水扁 you must be an ugly Brittney Spears!!!

  5. Chen C. says:

    One last thing for people that are curious, the guy Erika mentioned is the current mad president of Taiwan.

  6. Erica Y. says:

    correct, cept now the prez is 馬英九 i think... hey mr pasz... i have a question. for some reason, my computer wouldn't let me go onto the blog until now.... why is that...? i asked another friend to log on (just in case it was a problem with my computer) and she said that she had the same problem too... when i attempted to log on, the computer said that teh browser or something like that was taking too long, so it wouldn't let me go on until now...

  7. Erica Y. says:

    aha. whos the mean one now eh??? and to use such a weak retort...tsk tsk tsk. even i could do better.

  8. Chen C. says:

    im only commenting because to prevent Jonathan from commenting. Everybody is learning from me...........

  9. Chen C. says:

    I knew you'd be here. I guess I can't stop you. I'll say no more then.

  10. Jonathan L. says:

    Then why are you commenting in here?! You really make no sense!!!

  11. Sabrina R. says:

    I think we have too much technology going on in our lives at this moment. People are spending too much time on the computer or on cell phones or even playing video games that they don't go outside and get fresh air and excercize. Don't get me wrong i love video games! But i start to get antsy when i am always cooped up inside. That's why i play sports...ALOT! I don't mind every now and then spending time inside, but i think people, espically kids should get outside and run around. =D

  12. Raymond T. says:


  13. Joyce L. says:

    The benefits of having access to technology is that we can do homework, research papers,and and e-mail our friends in time of need. The bad thing about having access to technology is that sometimes while doing homework and reserch papers you can get a little side tracked and go onto sites like youtube, , facebook, etc. I think that parents should set a time limit since if they don't than kids'll be on untill school starts. It might affect the "have nots" because if they go into our world of technology than they may not know how to use things and it night be all the more confusing for them.

  14. Chen C. says:

    ....Mr. Pasz is watching........

  15. Yong Xiang(Leo) J. says:

    Yes, he is always watching us... ghostly sounds wooooooo.... xD

  16. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    I am always watching...

  17. Erica Y. says:

    woah! i saw that comming! a ghost movie cliche!!! go mr. pasz!!

  18. Erica Y. says:

    erm. Mr. pasz... I have a question... is the part of the blog that says

    What are the benefits of having access to technology? What are the drawbacks? Should parents place limits on tech usage? Why/not? Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future?

    supposed to be a link...? or no. i don't think so but it looks like a link on my computer so I'm not sure... I am not taking any chances when my grade to pass or not to pass hangs in the sky like a small sliver or mochi- i want it to last, as a pass and not be eaten by greedy mouths.... yup. I'm feeling dramatic due to the aftereffects of the poem im writing... movin movin!

  19. D. Paszkiewicz says:


    No, not supposed to be a link. Just a weird glitch in the blog hosting software. Sorry!

    And that sounds like an interesting poem. Very ethereal.

  20. Benjamin H. says:

    I thought "movin, movin" was some ending theme song for Bleach (to those who don't know. an anime)? :(?

  21. Benjamin H. says:

    I say we're definetly not too wired if we spend less then 6hrs on the computer and other stuff, tech entertains us and helps us stay in touch with other people. So we should not think of ourselves as "too wired."

  22. Yong Xiang(Leo) J. says:

    What are the benefits of having access to technology?
    Tehnology lets us do things that we already can but just at a faster and easier pase.
    What are the drawbacks? Some drawbacks is that Its very addicting and it's hard to not use technology since it has kinda became a part of our lives.
    Should parents place limits on tech usage? Why/not? Yes, I think they should because its actually for the kid's own good, also it limits them and lets them socialize more.
    Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future? The people who don't use technology will eventually find it harder to find and getaround in the future becuase things are expected to be more technological...

  23. Benjamin H. says:

    So Leo you're saying that in the future if you don't have tech you will find life hard to live?

  24. Jenny Z. says:

    It probably will.
    Cause we're so used to Macs and PCs and laptops and iPods.

    So if we don't have technology, it'll be a lot harder for us to continue.

    And even science things are technology. Telescopes, instruments.

  25. Erica Y. says:

    oh yes and ive heard htat even simple writing instruments like a pencil counts as technology 0.o... does that mean that we, as humans would have to revert to cavemen-like times to survive??!!

  26. Brenda G. says:

    I think that sounds a bit like me.
    But anyway, I think technologies has basically just taken over children's lives. Everyday, my dad has to lecture me to tell me to close the computer. But, that was before I was glued to the computer screen.
    Anyway, to answer the questions I'm supposed to answer, (x]])I think the benefits of having technology is a good way of communication. Drawbacks are being too addicted to the computer and chatting all like time and going on Myspace, Facebook, and etc. AND bad eyesight ;D I think parents should limit time on the computer because family always has to communicate and share what's happening and things like that. They will probably not have experienced much of the technology that we had and be a digital immigrant and not know how to use a computer or iPod, or any other electronic devices.

  27. Guillaume L. says:



    good: homework, communication, entertainment,improvement in typing skills

    bad: addicton, loss of handwriting, loss of natural communication, tired,lazy

    -parents should put tech limits on kids only if the kids are using the computer right when they come home from school because some kids know limitations while others don't.Also, top much technology leads to loss of natural communication which is still a highly needed skill in the modern world.

  28. Jenny Z. says:

    Loss of handwriting?

  29. Guillaume L. says:

    -the bad part is that people who arent used to technology from our generation will be at job disadvantages since many jobs have technology encompassed into them

    and yeah.......

  30. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    Did you just say "and, um, yeah..."????

  31. Jenny Z. says:


    At first I didn't get it. But then after looking at it for about twenty times, I understood.


  32. Benjamin H. says:

    Do u mean the "recovering english teacher" one? cuz i still don't get it... :-(

  33. Boming(Eric) C. says:

    Of course this generation if using too much technology. We are already spoiled by getting use to it. The digital natives will get a benefit for a while. UNTIL, something goes wrong with our economy, a big war, or anything else. After we have to live in poorer conditions, the non natives will benefit by far. And I don't even know whats going to happen to us. So yeah, its good to be on the computer, but we really should take a break once in a while.

  34. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    Interesting... what would happen if we had no electricity for a month, or two, or a year? We wouldn't know how to store and cook food, much less listen to music!!!

  35. Benjamin H. says:

    Our entire world would crumble to dust n chaos if that ever happens, Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
    I feel hyper

  36. Guillaume L. says:

    in case you haven't heard eric there is a big war and a problem with our economy

    war: Iraq War

    economy: gas prices, produce prices, stocks dropping a lot these 1 or 2 months

    the people on the news say the economy is really bad (most of the channels say this)

  37. Jenny Z. says:

    Of course.
    The news stations like scaring us into believing them.

    So does Bush.

    Connection. >__>

  38. Erica Y. says:

    bush lies waayyy too much.
    watch fahrenheit9/11 (if thats haw you spell it) if you can...
    カト-ゥン rocks!! >/_\

  39. Chermaine L. says:

    um......i have already like. discuss this in class. soo dont wanna type it again :-D yea. yep. but like, if the kids are always on the comp 24/7 then i think they should set their selves a limit, because it MAY and maynot damage their brains. i mean, like being on it for a really long time is bad because its bad for ue eyes and stuff but its a good thing becuase they are actually learning from everything they are doig on the comp. maybe they are researching or like...yea. :-D buttt if its just like IMing and stuff then i thik they SHOULD cutt down. :-D

  40. Jenny Z. says:

    GAHHH. Why is the article SOLONG?
    I'm tempted to just not read it. xDD
    I wasn't sure if i was supposed to like. Answer all the questions like a survey. So I didn't. :-D

    Technology is YAY! Being the daughter of a techie-maker makes you this way. xDD When you get onto the Internet, you get interaction with all these different people, and apparently, these days, Skype is like, dominating the business world. :-O

    There are serious drawbacks. I admit to being very attached to my laptop. ;__; Sadness. Same goes for my iPod! It's kinda like drugs. Some people just don't know when to back off and be like, whooaa, I'm spending too much time on the computer. My mom says that when I get on the computer too much, I get cranky. D: And I become zombie-ish.

    Limits are good. I hate them, but everything good usually you don't like. Like school. :3 Using technology is awesome, and it opens doors, but even too much of something good is bad.

    It's either going to be really good for the people without Internet, or it's going to be really bad. They're either gonna outshine us like crazy cause they're not "contaminated", or we're going to own them really bad because of our skills. Either way, one side is a loserrr. D:

    The kids in the article have really cool names. Why can't I be named Bronte? xDDD

  41. Benjamin H. says:

    technology rocks but ironicly (sorry, don't know how to spell) sucks at the same time

  42. Benjamin H. says:

    its funny... we see life a century ago inhabitable and primitive, altough that is probaly how they viewed people who lived a century before them.(2 centuries before us)

  43. Erica Y. says:

    What are the benefits of having access to technology?
    with technology, humans are able to communicate and attain information faster than compared to writing a letter and/or reading a book. It also provides entertainment.
    What are the drawbacks?
    if you spend too much time on the computer, you won't go outside and excersize and whatnot with others...? Should parents place limits on tech usage?
    yes, but I dont think that they should limit activity on the computer too much, because the internet/computer is a good resource to know how to use well... but of course, parents should make sure that their children arent going on any 'wrong' sites...
    erm... if people spend too much time on teh computer, its bad for their eyes..? (runs out of good comments)
    Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future?
    herm... this is hard.... erm it's either they're going to do better in the future because they don't rely on the computer as much, or they're going to either have to adapt (to teh technological world) or 'die,' because to be sucessful in most jobs , you need to have experence in technology, especially computers...*

  44. William S. says:

    What are the benefits of having access to technology?
    It gets work done faster (typing) and neater (printing). Also, it keeps us in touch with each other over the internet.
    What are the drawbacks?
    People fear that by multi-tasking, you don’t produce quality work or don’t absorb thing’s as well. Basically, if you divide your attention between three things, then they don’t get as much attention individually (duh). Parents think that their kids are too far from them physiologically and they’re losing family time to technology.
    Should parents place limits on tech usage? Why/not?
    Definitely. There should always be a limit. It depends on what the actual limit is. My parents’ rule is no computer/game(s) until homework is finished, you’ve practiced your musical instrument, and you’ve done your chores. On weekdays, usually no computer, and weekends an hour a day. I don’t have cable so I just watch the news and basketball games.
    Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future?
    They will not have learned a valuable skill if they didn’t learn how to use a computer. Granted, they will pick it up fast enough, but still. Many jobs in today’s economy require computer skills. As for social skills, we all learn that during school while we aren’t at out laptops. At least, most of us develop social skills. At least, most of us do.

  45. Elizabeth Y. says:

    the benefits of having technology are that we are able to do homework and generally everything faster than the good old fashioned telephone.

    the bad part of having so much technology is that we get addicted and end up being very reliant on computers, ipods, and such.

    parents should set time limits on usage of technology for many reasons. one, kids should be off the computer more because it prevents them from doing more important things like homework, excercise, etc. also, its sometimes bad for your eyes and health because of the radiation. lastly, the computer prevents kids from socializing with others and they will LOSE THEIR NATURAL INSTINCT!

    this will affect the have-nots because they that means that they are losing a very valuable skill. also, alot of jobs and everyday tasks rely on technology. the good thing is, they will be more social and they will.....have better eyes??? (running out of smart stuff to say)

  46. Tiffany D. says:

    What are the benefits of having access to technology?
    its easier ways of communicating, and getting information. and things are way faster with technology!

    What are the drawbacks?
    it can be addicting. and it takes away like the "excerise" that people should have.

    Should parents place limits on tech usage?
    Depends on the kid. if the kid uses technology excessively, then they should place limits. but if not, they dont really have much to worry about.

    Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future?
    now, almost everything is technology around you. so without the tech. skills, they probably wont SURVIVE :p

  47. Katrina W. says:

    I think the benifits to technology is being able to get information faster and talk easily. It also helps because everyone else uses it so i would be easy for us to use it also.

    The drawbacks are that we would spend more time on it rather than being outside and getting some fresh air. We may also be too absorbed in our technology we will not notice what is goin on around us

    I think that the parents should limit the technology usage because it will help that they arent always on the computer and probably not paying attention to what they should be doing.
    The people that haven't used technology will eventually learn to use technology because there really isn't anyone that is not using technology. Technology is all around us and the have-nots will become have or addicts like the rest of us.

  48. Jingyu(Crystal) T. says:

    What are the benefits of having access to technology?
    The benefits of having access to technology can be able to do everything efficiently. It is also very easy for everyone.

    What are the drawbacks?
    The drawback is that there are many people prefer to stay in front of the computer rather to get some fresh air.

    Should parents place limits on tech usage? Why/not?
    Parents should place limits on tech usage, because it could help their children to participate in the outside world instead of stay at home.

    Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future?
    Well, this might affect a little. However, there are many people like to use the technology for other things instead of knowing how to work. It depends.

  49. Michelle M. says:

    The benefits hof having technology is that is it easier for almost everyone to use and its also sometimes a faster and more useful way of getting the information you want and need.

    The drawbacks on having the technology, is that people might get to carried away with using the technology and they wont be doing other stuff, as in: going outside, ect.

    I think the parents should limit time on the computer, IF, the children are just like playing games, blogging, ect.. because, thats just useless timee. Now, if they were researching or looking something up, or doing something educational, then i dont think they should limit that.

    Well, everyone is learning to use technology even if it wasnt in their time that these technology items were created. Most people need to learn how to use the technology because alot of things you have to do on the computer, ect. Like you might have to use a computer in your work or in your school. So thats why everyone is learning to use technology now.


  50. Joyce L. says:

    hey mr. pasz when is the next blog going to come out?

  51. Erica Y. says:

    i wonder... hey joyce!!!

  52. Erica Y. says:

    erm... mr. pasz, what was the site for the bubble wrap again....?

  53. Erica Y. says:

    cool i finally found the bubblewrap page!!! its in the march 2007 section and is called Time Waster. Do NOT look at this page. yay!

  54. Jonathan L. says:

    You actually wasted a whole six minutes on looking for the bubble wrap?! o.0 There's something called quicksearch where you can type BUBBLE?!

  55. Erica Y. says:

    bubble doesnt work... or does it..? i will try soon...

  56. Erica Y. says:

    o yes, and i've always wanted to know... whats a trackback...?

  57. Jonathan L. says:

    It's when you link your blog to his blog when the owner uses ideas from that persons article... And stop calling me 陳水扁. Be polite and call me 馬英九. It's better than the older former president which resembles much more like Erica.

  58. Erica Y. says:

    herm. i have many responses to that 陳水扁... 1) i am not 陳水扁.
    2) you know why?
    3) because...
    a. i am NOT a man (or dude or whatever)
    b. not old
    c. not balding
    d. i know english fairly well
    e. i don't currently live in taiwan
    f. i am WAAYY to young to be elected president, let alone the FORMER president.
    g. i do NOT wear humongo glasses
    there are MANY more things that i could so kindly point out to you, but i don't feel like:
    1) typing all of it out
    2) wasting too much blog space.
    also, YOU resemble waayy more.
    BECAUSE YOU, 陳水扁,: [ARE]
    1) a man (or dude or whatever) (hopefully)
    2) old
    3) balding
    4) you don't know english very well because you're sentences are grammatically/literally incorrect (here it is: ...better than the older former president which resembles much more like Erica.)
    5)last but not least, you wear giant glasses.

  59. Jonathan L. says:

    First of all I think I haven't said anything about you being 陳水扁. I just said you resemble him, which means you are his wife. Second, I am much younger than 陳水扁, at least 50 years younger which means I am not balding!!! Third, this is not an English Essay so I don't have to everything correctly. 陳水扁 probably has worse English such as "Me am angry," or "an womans" whatsoever. So stop calling me that you bald priest!!!

  60. Erica Y. says:

    1) resemble...? so if you resembled your grandfather that would mean that you are HIS wife...? totoro, im disappointed in you... if you want to insult someone, you should make sure it makes sense...
    2)erm... i was a priestess for the game, but thats about it.... dont you know that priestesses like that dont lave to shave their heads??? like those 巫女...

  61. Jonathan L. says:

    Ummm... It said Priest on the paper which is in front of you. It didn't say priestess...

  62. Erica Y. says:

    who the h*** cares?!! geez im a GIRL fyi, so i am technically a PRIESTESS!!! i wear a red 袴, and i shoot arrows cuz i am a master archer! sho muahahahahhhahhahahahahha...
    o yes and i thank you for anwsering my question

  63. Benjamin H. says:

    priest, priestess, what the heck are you guys talking about?

  64. Jonathan L. says:

    Oh you're asking me? Ask Erica the Priest.

  65. Jonathan L. says:

    You better be a girl or our school is going to be ashamed. And who cares if you're a master archerer, I'll just get a master executioner and lop your head off. -_-

  66. Benjamin H. says:

    this is the 104th comment :-). To Jonathan WTF???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  67. Erica Y. says:

    nuh uh! i shall shoot him/her with my poison tipped arrow and watch him/her writhe in bloody pain before shooting him/her again for fun... muhahahahahah.... i am always merciful.

  68. Erica Y. says:

    woah i submitted that twice... sorry.

  69. Benjamin H. says:


  70. Benjamin H. says:

    I guess the game u guys play is quite violent...

  71. Erica Y. says:

    errr... no not really. it was originally a game we played in english/history class... it was kinda fun really...

  72. Benjamin H. says:

    Mr.Paz hasn't been here for awhile...

  73. Erica Y. says:

    eh whatever. it was a question

  74. Jonathan L. says:

    IT seems as if go here everyday. You need a life...

  75. Yong Xiang(Leo) J. says:

    i go on this everyday every hour every second (no during sleep time) every mili second every second smaller than a milisecond which should be a nano second and etc...

  76. Jonathan L. says:

    Ha ha...

  77. Erica Y. says:

    yooh do??? what about school time o.o do you like skip your classes and go on it then??? woah... たこ焼きhey does anyone know why calpico is spelled the way it is in english??? cuz technically カルピス would be prenounced like ka ru pi su.... o never mid. i know why now. wow. it's disgustin... wait then wouldn't it be カルピコ then...? herm... but then it would be like ka ru pi co instead of cal pi ko... im asking a question!! yay!!

  78. Benjamin H. says:


  79. Erica Y. says:

    ~erm... yea... anyway, I was asking about the prenounciation of "calpiko"

  80. Erica Y. says:

    yup :-D you're right! its so upbeat and happy.... id like that as a funeral song... for mine...? that and happy people 桜日和, 爪先, and 橙... :-D 日番谷 冬獅郎!!! :-)
    o yes and.... ehem. みんな、テストの成功をお祈りします! (if thats right)大家! 好運氣在你們的考試上... (although my chinese ain't that great...) 모두들, 귀하의 시험에 행운을 빕니다! ¡Buena suerte en sus pruebas de todos! (i really think that's incorrect but...)لجميع ، وحظا سعيدا للجميع التجارب الخاصة بك! alle, viel Glück für alle Ihre Tests! 每一个人,好运气在您的所有测试!(im not sure if that's right, i cant read simplified)iedereen, veel succes op al je proeven! tous, bonne chance à tous de vos tests! (err... yea im not sure on all of the european translations...)όλους, καλή τύχη για όλες σας τις δοκιμές!etc. any way, all it means (hopefully)Good luck on your tests everyone! or in some points everyone good luck on your tests, but you get the picture.
    ~:)~ o.o

  81. Benjamin H. says:

    how do u write asian on the computer?

  82. Erica Y. says:

    huh...? o you mean like chinese and other foreign (well 2 me arabic is foreign ok-_-) langyages...? its easy. all yooh need 2 do is have the computer software... in other words, a fobby computer... if you dont have the program,an internet translator should be ok.... although the internet translators isn't really reliable, so make sure that you use the translator both ways- (for example: if you want to type "hello" or good afternoon in japanese, (which would be こんにちは) but dont kno what it actually looks like, go back and paste the japanese translation into the box, and translate from japanese to make sure that's what you really want...) of course, if you arent sure about something, dont use it- you could have a snippy person like トトロ here who will hound you if you use a term he knows incorrectly.

  83. Joyce L. says:

    why don't you guys just stop insulting each other and actually answer the blog questions?

  84. Benjamin H. says:

    thay're making other people laugh, that's good.

  85. Erica Y. says:

    ha. thank you for saying that.

  86. Joyce L. says:

    yah well you answer to every single one of her comments so you must be on all day too.

  87. Erica Y. says:

    hey ゆき-さん... yay you come on more now!!! good luck on your tests! (may kat-tun help yooh on your merry way.)

  88. Erica Y. says:

    o yea and also, i noticed that トトロ doesnt comment as much now... yes!

  89. Veronica Y. says:

    i dont think that technology should be taken away from us. wihtout technology... we wouldnt have entaertainment, or fast resources to do our homewokr. i also think that technology is a great way for communication also.

    the drawbacjks of using technology is that we et hooked on to it so eakily that we zone out from every thing else that we do, and the things surrounding us.

    i htnk that parents should limit our use in thecnology becuase someitmes i think i go over board, and i dont do the thing sthat they want m eto its for school releated things then thats ok, but if they are blogging or iming/chtting... then i thik there should be limit to it.

    i think that everyone should learn how to use a computer becuase... is they have a research paper for someithng then they should really use technology. without technology(especcialy the computer) then i thnk thatlife would be BORING!!

  90. Michelle K. says:

    TO ALL THE PARENTS- access to technology is an 'essential' part of a kids life, we use it for 'homwork ;-)'

    TO ALL THE KIDS- yeah right! use use it everyday to our own benifit, (just'say' it's for the sake of school)

    just kidding

    access to technology can be benificial, heck, without it we might be still living in caves! technology, used correctly is a learning process, plus it makes life more convenient, the only problem is, since we have such an extra supply of technology, people become technology addicts. that's when the parents pop in. i think parents should and should not limit our technoloy time. first if we really are using it for research for sources then we should be given a vast amount, but for games... maybe just a few hours on weekends. i am one of the partial "have- nots," i have access to vague technology, but i still lack a lot- ipods, cell phones, e- mails..., but i really don't need them, so personally i don't think the technology will effect the "have- nots" that no

  91. Benjamin H. says:

    i don't know what to write -_-...

  92. Benjamin H. says:

    anyone else on????????? helllloooooo?... I'm bored to death...

  93. Chen C. says:

    I used to be like that.But Mr.Pasz is watching..........................................................................................................................................................................................

  94. Benjamin H. says:

    just breaking the silence... technology aids human beings and others by making their life a whole lot easier and also entertains them. however, tech makes people slouch of and become more and more lazy, causing obesity, diabeties, and many other horrible diseases which many have already fallen to. In other words, are machines letting live utopialy are they making us suffer terribly.???, as i said before i'm bored so i'm going to make weird random faces... :-O, ;-p, **, ##, @@, 0_0?, !!, 0_0,... I'm done now.

  95. Benjamin H. says:

    no one's commenting on this comment T^T

  96. Benjamin H. says:

    AUGH! FACES, RUINED! freaks out

  97. Benjamin H. says:

    Chen? you were here before, where are you now? I need to talk to someone before I freak out again...

  98. Chen C. says:

    I want to but I can't so last comment before i go. Who can beat my bubblepop record? I got 9.6 sec

  99. Joyce L. says:

    HA i beat you!!!!! i got 9.3!!! =P

  100. Chen C. says:

    New Challenge- Beat bubblepop record for 8.2 sec. Not lying. There's a way to way to get that time.

  101. Joyce L. says:

    i got 8.2 too and i cant go past that.

  102. Jonathan L. says:

    Is it in Manic mode and what size?

  103. Benjamin H. says:

    were u guys in our class?

  104. Benjamin H. says:

    Hey! Did anyone check out the website that Mr.Paz showed us? The one with the guy in the chicken suit who does just about anything you tell it to do? I forgot what it was called.

  105. Erica Y. says:

    its sub serviant chicken.... its like or something like that.

  106. Benjamin H. says:

    Mr.Paz, pleasssssseee post something new. (to others) when does he check this place anyways?

  107. Benjamin H. says:

    more faces, :-D, >:-p,

  108. Benjamin H. says:

    thanks erica!

  109. Erica Y. says:

    youre welcome.. to anwser youre question, it was a childs game...

  110. Benjamin H. says:

    it was fun anyways. u

  111. Benjamin H. says:

    Priest? Priestess? Are you in our class? Jon

  112. Benjamin H. says:


  113. Benjamin H. says:

    is anyone else on...?...

  114. Raymond T. says:

    sry... i know its pretty late to to do this blog entry... so here it is>>

    What are the benefits of having access to technology? What are the drawbacks? Should parents place limits on tech usage? Why/not? Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future?

    The benefits of having access to technology, the access to information, the access to entertainment when bored, and a whole lot of things...

    The drawbacks of having total access to technology such as, laziness, sleep deprivation, and a whole lot of things...

    NO, in my opinion, parents should NOT limit our usage of technology, even if them seeing us on the computer 24/7 becomes an eyesore. Because I for one have already become an addict to this contraption. Its as if... I need it everyday, I look at computer usage no differently than eating or brushing your teeth.

    I think, those deprived of technological access will have their ups and downs. They can probably concentrate better on what they are working on, they don't become lazy. But then, they would be missing out on entertainment, the internet to search for what you want, Microsoft word to type.

  115. Chen C. says:

    Anybody who is skilled enough to get 6.5 sec or below on the bubblepop game? I will beat anybody who gets under that.

  116. Benjamin H. says:

    102nd comment, and Chen, what the heck is the bubblepop game?

  117. Erica Y. says:

    bubblepop game= vertual bubblewrap game.
    mr. pasz told us about it in class.... grr it wont load on my computer!!!o.o

  118. Benjamin H. says:

    He did?...

  119. Joyce L. says:

    Mr. Pasz can you pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeee post something new?

  120. Chen C. says:

    Gee Mr. Pasz. Why are you putting so less blogs this trimester?

  121. Benjamin H. says:

    Gawd I've got the the simpsons song stuck in my head. dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.

  122. Benjamin H. says:

    the people I sit next to in spanish class are such jerks... >:-(...

  123. Benjamin H. says:

    this is the 100th comment. Yoo-Hooh! :-)

  124. Benjamin H. says:

    101st :-)

  125. Benjamin H. says:


  126. Benjamin H. says:

    105th, XD

  127. Benjamin H. says:

    WTF is the difference between Linear and Threaded?

  128. Erica Y. says:

    hmm..... what are they???

  129. Benjamin H. says:

    Chen I will so beat your bubblepop record, sooner or later...

  130. Veronica Y. says:

    MR.PASZ!!!!! please put somehitng new!!! so borign now!!!!

  131. Erica Y. says:

    blarg i kno... mr pasz... yooh said you'd post a new one by mooonnnddaaayyy~~

  132. Benjamin H. says:

    Megan from my math class is an airheaded jerk, she insulted me >:(. and when i hit her with a backpack on the head gently Dania came out and said "u hit girls?" like a treat girls like Beep but I treat guys like this too. Boo them!

  133. Benjamin H. says:

    Anyone one know Garret and Ryan, both 7th graders? If u do then screw them! They always treat me like im a total idiot and wack me way too many times. they think that they're the funniest and smartest kids to ever live. If u c them stalk, throw stuff at, voodoo, do watever u can to freak out their worn out minds to death. Gar or Ryan if u r readin this kill yourselves :-P

  134. Chen C. says:


  135. So Yun M. says:

    What are the benefits of having access to technology? -(the technology make us more comfortable and i can have fun of it.)

    What are the drawbacks? -(If you settle it near by you, your health will be worse.)

    Should parents place limits on tech usage? -(no,)
    Why/not? (technology is useful in social life)

    Also, how will this affect the "have-nots"--those who don't have access to the technology--in the future? -(they can find some else work but for almost job, they will be hopeless)

  136. Jasmine F. says:

    The benefits of having technology is endless. With technology, you have instant access to just about anything from information to conversations. Plus, there are many internet gaming systems and cool websites to visit:D

    The drawbacks to technology is also endless. With internet, you can get false information, viruses, SPAM, or bad wiring and connections. With things like cell phones, there are also things like dropped calls and bad connection. Technical difficulties is a common thing these days.

    I think parents should put some limit to tech usage, but not much, because technology is very useful, with school, and staying connected, but there are some very unsafe websites that kids visit all the time! Dont parents have ANY say in what their kids do nowadays!?

    Kids who dont have access to technology in the future may fall behind. Technology is the future

    . Being an 8th grader, we have to use computers for things like robotics, research, download homework pieces, and so much more (and that is just in the 2007-08 year)! kids in the future will not have access to this information, thus, their grades may suffer, and may result in lack of education, not going to a good college, and then becoming an unsuccessful person...but that is being hypathetical.

  137. Ching Fung(Felix) C. says:

    To me, I think that kids, and espically teenagers, have too much technology going in and on their lives at this centery. Espically us, kids but also teenagers,are spending too much time on the computer, cell phones and even playing video games. I love playing video games and using computers too! But i start to stop using it after my mom stops me everytime when she sees me...but still,when I'm bored, I still use it when my mom is not watching.I don't think we should just sit there and play,then spending time inside,because i think us, espically kids and teenagers, should get outside and run around, so we won't get lazy and fat, and also get bad grades in school.

  138. Ching Fung(Felix) C. says:

    Sorry Mr. Pasz,
    i haven't been because my I dont know how to use this blog and i lost the web site...but thx for teaching me today in class..i kinda understands it..thx..

    if there anything i can help...i will be happy to help u.. Sry again for not beening able to comment on this blog for so long all because i forgot to ask u and doesnt understands bad..={

  139. Melissa C. says:

    uhh...i think having too much technology isn't necessary parents didn't have much technology when they were little... and um-they're still here living now doing fine. Too much access to technology isn't the best cuz somehow sooner or later, ur gonna get addicted to it and plusss- its bad for your eyes. technically, i got my glasses cuz of AIMing to much to looking too close at things and not resting.

  140. Morgan W. says:

    In my opinion we do have to much tec. Insted of kids doing their homework they are on the computer or playing video games. And because of all the tec. people are not exercising. So the world is becomming more and more lazy!!!!

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