I generally assume that any photo I see that was produced by the media, has been altered in some way.  Our topic today is based on Photoshop, and it's wide use in everything we see, from ads to art, to Myspace pages.  

First, read this article.  Then, for some fun, go to this page to see some historical photo forgeries.  To see how they make models look good, visit this page. To see a site where they have Photoshop contests, visit this page.

Here's your task for this week... spot a photoshop forgery and post the link. Tell us why or how the photo has been altered.  THIS IS CHALLENGING!!!!


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  1. Chen C. says:

    first one toot!

  2. Jonathan L. says:

    Technically I'm first because you didn't answer the question anyways...

  3. Margarita(Beech) M. says:

    Sorry Mr. Pasz,
    i haven't been able to comment on this blog because my computer has not been working.

  4. Sabrina R. says:

    wow, when i first saw this i actually thought, "Woah! Guys can give birth now, too!" but then as i read and thought about it more i realized it had to be fake. It had me convinced for a second though.

  5. Chen C. says:

    revenge for the first weeks of the second trimester for all you people.

  6. Jonathan L. says:

    Makes no sense.

  7. Chen C. says:

    I was just kidding. I put this comment later because I had to dash for afterschool. I wouldv'e got it before you anyway,Jonathan. You see the shadow of the right arm with a little tiny crack. The shadow doesn't show it. Plus, what is the black thing doing in the back ground? Beside the picture looks kind of blurry to me. If it was a picture, at least it would look more humanlike kind of picture.

  8. Jasmine W. says:

    "You see the shadow of the right arm with a little tiny crack. The shadow doesn't show it." What does that mean? :|

    "Beside the picture looks kind of blurry to me. If it was a picture, at least it would look more humanlike kind of picture." Some people add that effect to make it look cooler... But sometimes it doesn't work... xD

  9. Chen C. says:

    Look at the right hand shadow and look at the right hand again. If you see, the pictures shadow shows no light marks. The arm dangles with a tiny opening that isn't shown on the shadow. They altered something but I don't know.

  10. Jasmine W. says:

    Are you talking about the right arm or the left arm...? And the left arm looks fine to me... :-O

  11. Chen C. says:

    When did I say left hand?

  12. Jasmine W. says:

    I never said that you said left hand; I just thought if you MEANT left hand but accidentally said left hand, I was just saying that the left hand looked fine to me. :-P

    Besides, what's wrong with the right hand? It looks fine to me + you can't see the shadow anyways because the model's blocking it...

  13. Chen C. says:

    The whole shadow is there behind her. The right arm has a a tiny crack when she puts arm at her side. Don't you see it ? It's obvious!!!!!!!

  14. Jasmine W. says:

    RIGHT OR LEFT??? Cuz you can't see her right shadow at all!!!

    And IF you're talking about her left hand, then it could be different lighting...

  15. Chen C. says:

    If you can't see the right hand shadow, you're like blind. Its imprints so clearly!

  16. Jasmine W. says:

    Thanks. That helps a lot. -.-

    Okay let's get something straight...

    THIS IS HER RIGHT HAND..............

  17. Jasmine W. says:

    I'm just GUESSING, but I don't think anyone could really reach their hand through the telephone and choke someone... xD

    Also, part of the arm on the bottom right is cut off, and the edges of the arm are all fuzzy. o.O

  18. Jonathan L. says:

    This Tiger Wood Picture is obviously fake because no human can do that. Also his mouth curves up and you can't see where the teeth is supposed to be. Also the black space is too obvious. If you magnified it, it's mouth is pretty uneven.

  19. Chen C. says:

    Why can't I get in? I didn't do anything!

  20. Jonathan L. says:


  21. Chen C. says:

    What did that website add?

  22. Jonathan L. says:


  23. Chen C. says:

    / /
    __ So?

  24. Jonathan L. says:

    @_@ You make no sense.

  25. Andrew S. says:

    This photo looks really real, but I'm pretty sure its a fake. Why? Well, first of all, why would anyone in their right mind be doing what he's doing? Also notice that the cat is seeming to be placed over his lips. If he was really eating the cat, his lip would probably be higher as if to enclose the cat with his teeth. Also, right below the cat is a bit of his collar, which stands out alot and has edges that are really sharp. If the picture was taken, that corner wouldn't be so sharp, it would be blurry like the other part of his collar. If will notice, you can clearly see his hairs, but everything else is a bit blurry. Lastly, the background is very blurry, but you can vaguely distinguish a building, so you can tell he is outside. If he was to eat a cat, you'd think he do it inside a building, not where the public would see.
    And really, who in their right mind would eat a cat?!?!
    (And don't argue that he isn't in his right mind. I could say that about you.)

  26. Chen C. says:

    I'm suprised the cat let him do that?

  27. Chen C. says:

    Peroid not question mark.

  28. Laureen M. says:

    Obviously, she can't have a hand sticking out of her shoulder when there is no person there. There must have been a person beside her and they photoshopped the person out but missed the hand.

  29. Chen C. says:

    You took the easy way out. You found a site that actually lets out the truth. We were supposed to find a picture that doesn't reveal the truth.

  30. Suk Ho(Josh) C. says:
    This site contains lots of photoshopped pictures of animals. (some of them look really creepy)

  31. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    That's AWESOME!!!

  32. Priscilla C. says:

    Cats or kittens can't stand or hold a sword like that.

  33. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    What, they can't do that?

  34. Chen C. says:

    Er...Have you ever seen a cat do that>

  35. Tony H. says:
    I picture of the statue of liberty and Bill Crosby.(I think its him)

  36. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    Yeah, that's not what she normally looks like!

  37. Garrick K. says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's so funny!!! I love it!

  38. Garrick K. says:

    darn... josh already did it....
    Does it still count Mr. Pasz?

  39. Garrick K. says:

    In case you say no Mr. Pasz:
    loads of pics on this website... some are actually funny

  40. Jonathan K. says:

    Mr. Pasz.... I've been looking for a picture for a long time and I can't find one. What should I do?

  41. Chen C. says:

    Keep finding one of course. That's is why this is a challenge.

  42. Jonathan K. says:

    I've been searching for at least 2 hours. I don't think I'll find one.

  43. Jonathan L. says:

    O.K. here's a website then...

  44. Chen C. says:

    besides, your not supposed to tell him

  45. Jonathan L. says:

    Oh well I guess Jonathan Kwok doesn't want to use it. I guess I'll go for "extra credit" This is fake because no mouse can end up like a kiwi, and if you notice carefully, there are not supposed to be unfurry anyways the hands and the body don't match either.

  46. Jonathan L. says:

    By the way, are you sure looked for 2 hours? I searched that up in a minute.

  47. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    JK--Did you ever find a picture?

  48. Kelsey L. says:

    if you look at her left shoulder.. theres a hand on it but no body behind her.. kinda scary.. so this is photoshopped and the person who did it forgot to take the hand out or whatever

  49. Kelsey L. says:

    i already put ont up but i think this is really cool.. they mixed celebrity faces together :-D

  50. Nina L. says:

    This is quite funny because one picture has a man with good hair and the other one is shaved. I think you can see the difference because the shaved head's outline is kind of off. The background color in the back, is also a lighter blue color.
    I didn't know that you can photoshop yourself to be bald. When I learn how to do it, I'll try to see how I look like with bald hair :-)

  51. Calvin F. says:

    Well, this is Bill Gates. The picture itself is self explanatory. Bill Gates is a man. This picture doesn't show that.

  52. Chen C. says:

    Oh my god, that's ugly!!

  53. Jonathan L. says:

    You're supposed to explain about what's wrong with it, not common sense :-P

  54. Jin Hyung(Jason) P. says: well. this picture is a good photo fake because it attracts people's attention by the shininess. This was a hard one.,....... and ive been looking different sites, but i couldn't find any better one.

  55. Chun Hsien(Kenny) L. says: This photo is fake because a Squirrel doesn't dress up like a terroist, hold a machine gun, and smoke. Calvin, stop stealing my site.

  56. Mitchell P. says:

    Read this:

    Those Communists are at it again: more conspiracies! The photo is a fake because antelopes runs away fomo sound, not towardit.

  57. Joshua(Josh) M. says:

    These Photos are not really fake they have just been tweaked to make the model look better then they did with just regular make up on.

  58. Cheng Chi(Jonathan) C. says:

    Here's your task for this week... spot a photoshop forgery and post the link. Tell us why or how the photo has been altered. THIS IS CHALLENGING!!!!
    This photo was altered by combining a picture of a submarine and a man being pulled away by his fishing net.

  59. Hin Wai(Jacqueline) L. says:

    you can see that someone gave a total makeover. Her hair has highlightes, and her skin looks about 25 years younger wihtout wrinkles and/or freckles. Her cheeks are thinner and she has makeup, smaller nose and fuller looking lips xP.

  60. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    Wow... her face was a totally different shape!

  61. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    To everyone... this class has had the best blog comments I've seen in the 2 years I've taught this class. Thanks for putting a lot of effort into this. I REALLY enjoy reading this blog!

  62. Sophia L. says:

    Yay. :-D

  63. Sophia L. says:

    Yay. :-D

  64. Chen C. says:

    er.....why do you put to thank yous? We can see or everybody wouldn't be doing the blog.

  65. Chen C. says:

    I mean two not to.

  66. Jonathan L. says:

    Thank You!

  67. Sophia L. says:

    This week's blog was hard. D:

    Spot a photoshop forgery and post the link. Tell us why or how the photo has been altered.

    I didn't have a link and I could only download it,
    so I uploaded the picture. [:
    I think this photo has been altered because obviously this picture doesn't look right. The face and the body don't correspond becaue there is the body of a lion and the head is of a cat.

  68. Alexander W. says:

    This picture is photoshopped... because well.... look at the picture, it's not all that hard to figure out...

    Anyway... the reason THINK it's photoshopped is because a cat is looking in a bathroom mirror and there is a reflection of a dog. :/

  69. Evelyn L. says:

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted a blog. Well, I know this isn't that interesting, but I've looked for cool ones, but I couldn't find any. It's kind of cool because in a painting a girl's holding a carrot in a blanket.

  70. Amy W. says:

    Haha :-)

    Obviously, this picture is photoshopped because although the giraffe's neck is long, it's impossible for it to be so long that it's head could look into a plane window (or a cameraman could look out to stare straight at a giraffe's face).

  71. Sergio G. says:

    I like this photo because it used many effects such as opacity over lapping gaussian blur and many more!!!

  72. Chen C. says:

    Everybody is taking the most obvious things. We're not supposed to take deformed things things such as a giraffe with a impossibly deformed neck. We're supposed put things that people don't notice when they go on the website. If it was like the ones we put on, I would just go on google, go to images, and type in deformed animals.

  73. Amanda C. says:

    There really isn't a mistake in this one, it's just photoshoped.


  74. Ha Eun(Grace) K. says:

    haha. this picture shows the cover picture of rush hour 3 but with 2 different peoples face on jackies and his partners XD

  75. Jonathan K. says:,GGLG:2006-02,GGLG:en
    I don't thing that a fish looks like a rhino.

  76. Andrew(Andy) C. says:

    not sure this is fake but the description said so.

  77. Jerry L. says:


  78. Chen C. says:

    What are you doing here!!!!!!

  79. Chen C. says:

    What are you doing here!!!!!!

  80. So Yun M. says:

    (*This is original picture*)

    (*and it is the fare picture*)

    the brightness is different between face and background(fare picture)

  81. Ching Fung(Felix) C. says:

    I can see those image that were fake were fakes because the background, the brightness and the face in those pictures...

  82. Ching Fung(Felix) C. says:

    I can see those image that were fake were fakes because the background, the brightness and the face in those pictures...but i cant find the picture...>.

  83. Ben(Amanda) L. says:

    this guy's picture is photofake.
    because boy's forhead hair's color is different to big hair

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