What is Web 2.0?

Last week, Andrew and Sergio presented to the class an introduction
to Web 2.0, telling us that Web 2.0 sites are ones that invite us to be
part of a community, rather than simply making a one-sided

With that in mind, here's your task for this
week:  Find a website that you believe is an example of Web 2.0. Make
sure you describe the site, and give it's URL (web address).  Then,
tell us why your site is an example of Web 2.0.  You may not duplicate
any one else's example.  I'm looking forward to some great sites!


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  1. Sophia L. says:

    A Web 2.0 website could be Myspace.
    URL: http://www.myspace.com/
    I think this is a Web 2.0 site because it allows users to customize their own profiles, upload pictures, and comment other people and their pictures.

  2. Margarita(Beech) M. says:

    this is gonna be interesting.

    When i think of web 2.0, i think of www.google.com because you can find proabably any information you need.

  3. Suk Ho(Josh) C. says:

    WOOT!~ second ok youtube could be a web 2.0 because people can comment on viodeos and upload their own and interact with other users

  4. Cheng Chi(Jonathan) C. says:

    A Web 2.0 would be G4TV's(TechTV) website
    G4 allows views to interact with the show through polls and allows them to chat with each other and interacts with the show. ( example Cops 2.0 by allowing viwers decide what the officer will do.)

  5. Cheng Chi(Jonathan) C. says:

    the site also allows you to send videos to the producers of certain shows to ask questions.
    They also have a free annual christmas giveaway for members watching the show and enter the keyword fast enough.

  6. Mitchell P. says:

    My site is Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia is Web 2.0 because there is nothing on there that is was made by a paid expert. This is the great thing about Wikipedia because there is no expert paid to know everything, so it uses the publics knowledge.

    Wikipedia is not just The Free Encyclopedia, it is The Encyclopedia of Everything, because it relies on user-generated content.

  7. Mitchell P. says:

    w00t fourth

  8. Chen C. says:

    What's so good about being 4th?

  9. Jin Hyung(Jason) P. says:

    why do u care?

  10. Suk Ho(Josh) C. says:


  11. Laureen M. says:


    That is my site because it is similar to Myspace and you interact with friends and you are allowed to comment and post pictures and send information to everyone.

  12. Chen C. says:

    www.maplestory.com. It is 2.0 because it interacts with people all around the world. Plus, you can use real money to buy things on the site.

  13. Chen C. says:

    Actually, its the english one.

  14. Chen C. says:

    Being 6th is better haha.. just kidding i dont really care

  15. Jin Hyung(Jason) P. says:

    yeah, you shouldn't cause it's really unnecessarily, and it's little annoying.

  16. Chen C. says:

    Hey Mr.Pasz. There are tons of sites. Are you telling us to pick our favorite sites? If so, tell us that in the first place.

  17. Chen C. says:


  18. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    What's ghty?

  19. Chen C. says:

    i typed it by accident. I was about to say never mind but decided not to.

  20. Sergio G. says:

    I wanted to say You Tube, but instead I decided that GodTube would be better.


  21. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    Why is it Web 2.0?

  22. Sergio G. says:

    This site has interaction of people adding comments and submitting videos. This is my type of website.

  23. Sergio G. says:

    Also it has many other features such as virtual bible reading and chat with others as well as other features.

  24. Sergio G. says:

    It is the interaction with the viewers and the page itself that makes it web 2.0.

  25. Jasmine W. says:

    Gaia!!! (www.gaiaonline.com) Hehe It’s sooo fun!!! It’s an online roleplaying game. And it’s fun... Also, unfortunately, slightly addicting at times...

    It has forums, a community where you can vote on coolest avatars (arena), you can write in an online journal where people can leave comments, you can buy stuff (basically pixels -_-) with the online money you earn or with real money by bidding (there’s an official marketplace :-D), forums where you can post anything from random nonsense to serious topics! It has soo much to do, and you can never get bored...

    Well, at least I won’t... I don’t get bored of stuff easily >]

  26. Sophia L. says:

    i was going to put gaiaonline but i didn't think anyone knew what it was.
    i didn't know you play. O:
    give me your username. xD

  27. Jasmine W. says:

    Oops I said forums twice >.< Well, the forums are a really big part of Gaia anyways, so :-D

  28. Calvin F. says:


    This is Web 2.0 because Mr.Pasz posts blogs and we comment on them.

  29. Priscilla C. says:


    It's the similar to youtube.
    It displays Web 2.0 because you can post your own videos or comment other people's.

  30. Priscilla C. says:

    It's similar to youtube.
    Oops. :X

    Another one is www.basilmarket.com

    It's Web 2.0 because Basil helps Maplers(Maple Story players) either sell or buy items and chat with other people through forums.

  31. Jonathan K. says:


    It is Web 2.0 because you interact with people all over the world.

    (I don't play this game so don't ask me if I do)

  32. Andrew S. says:


    If you write webpages (using html, php, javascript, css, or a combination of these programming languages), Dynamic Drive is great site to get scripts for a variety of things from clocks and time, to games and text animation.

    Why is this web 2.0?
    Many of the scripts that you can get from this site are user generated and posted. The site also has forums about these many scripts.

  33. Joshua(Josh) M. says:

    haha wow.
    My site is ebay because with ebay you can sell items and comment on other peoples items as well as bid and purchase. Which makes ebay a good example of web 2.0

  34. Hin Wai(Jacqueline) L. says:


    Books!~ ..and more...

    This site is web 2.0 becuase you can comment and write reviews. PLus, you could sell and buy books, video games, and much more

  35. Jonathan L. says:

    A web 2.0 site would be any kind of blog that you can reply to for example...


    Don't look at it because I don't want anyone to but it's the only one I can get really quickly :-P

  36. Andrew(Andy) C. says:

    umm, MAPLEGLOBAL.COM haha. nah thats not fair, I would choose http://flyff.gpotato.com/, its another rpg. it's like a anime version of WoW.

    I consider it a web 2.0 because in the website you can go on your character and post blogs and comment other people.

  37. Kelsey L. says:

    hey the website i found was


    its for people who "stumble upon" this website while searching on the web and stuff. its cool because you can watch videos and comment and make a profile and games and all cool stuff

  38. Tony H. says:

    My website would be kingdomofloathing.com
    You can have a blog, interact with other players. You can donate money. Its pretty fun its full of stick figures.So yeah.i had to choose this cause all my ideas were taken.

  39. Amanda C. says:


    Mine is either Fanfiction.net or Dragofable.com. Fanficiton.net lets you write stories about cartoons, advertisements, etc. Dragonfabe is an online game, not unlike Runescape, but older and not much fun.

  40. Thet H. says:


    Gunz ijji is an online interactive game where you go around basically killing and shooting other players. This website is an example of a web 2.0 site because theres this thing called a clan where you can invite your friends anywhere around the world to become a part of your "clan". Although, in order to actually play the game you have to download it.

  41. Jin Hyung(Jason) P. says:

    omg thet!! i love gunz, i used to play that like EVERY SINGLE DAY when i was little and when i was in korea.. Gunz is basically killing people with guns knives or grenade(I dont use grenade).. good times.

  42. Amy W. says:


    Neopets is a Web 2.0 site because players have their own accounts, pages, and 'pets' which they take care of. They can customize their pages and their petpages, and also talk to other players in forums. There are also guilds in Neopets, which can also be customized. People can also chat in the guild forum they belong to.
    Oh, by the way, I don't play Neopets, but I USED to when I was little. :-P

  43. Alexander W. says:

    I sometimes still play Neopets. :-)

    Tombola and Meerca Chase! :-P

  44. Suk Ho(Josh) C. says:

    haha.. neopets...

  45. Alexander W. says:


    Aka Yahoo! Answers is a great Web 2.0 site. Users post questions and get answers from other people. Although it may not be as reliable as many other sources, just like Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers is fun and kid friendly too.

    ... yeah :-)

  46. Garrick K. says:

    Um... www.flikr.com is Web 2.0 because people can comment on your photos.
    I meant to do this blog earlier but I had to go to work =\

  47. Nina L. says:

    They don't have a link for the blogs, but scroll down, and find "GM Blog".

    You can ask people questions have answers about MapleStory. That's like Web 2.0 because you can actually comment on each subject. You can also download the game, MapleStory and interact/talk to people. You'll have to download it in order to play.

  48. Chun Hsien(Kenny) L. says:

    www.thelakernation.com: Best site ever and a perfect example of web 2.0 because you can express your opinions there by adding comments, posting articles, and videos.

  49. Jin Hyung(Jason) P. says:


    its where you can watch like every single video that you are interested in and highlights. Any videos you need just go in and type it in.

  50. Ha Eun(Grace) K. says:


    this shows web 2.0 becasue it describes about how it was made and why.

    This site says taht web 2.0 was made not for others to really use but for the people who made it make a point about webs.

  51. Evelyn L. says:

    When I think or hear the word, Web 2.0, i think of all the search engines we use in our daily basis. Google, Yahoo, and Dictionary.com.

  52. So Yun M. says:

    this is web 2.0 site because because in here, people can comment to each other, and can posting? vedio

  53. So Yun M. says:

    this is web 2.0 site because because in here, people can comment to each other, and can posting? vedio

  54. Ching Fung(Felix) C. says:

    i also agree with what Sophia L says...which means that i think this web site IS a Web 2.0 site because it allows everybody to customize their own profiles, upload pictures, comment other people and their pictures, and their ideas, thoughts. =]

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