My Life has a Soundtrack

The reason I have a fat iPod is so that I can queue up a certain song whenever the situation calls for it. I'm not alone. Wired posted some funny ideas for life's soundtrack:


When you're... listen to...

Cleaning a whiteboard: "Erase You" by DJ Shadow

Taping your glasses back together: "Fix It" by Grizzly Bear

Checking your post's score on Reddit: "Over and Over" by Hot Chip

Backing up: "Slave to the Hard Drive" by Swayzak

Lifecasting: "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell

Texting: "Dexterity" by Charlie Parker

Playing World of Warcraft: "Epic Problem" by Fugazi

Designing your Wii Mii: "More Than Real" by Junior Boys

Writing a blog post: "Me, Myself, and I" by De La Soul

Checking your MySpace page: "Are Friends' Electric?" by Gary Numan

Tweaking your Second Life avatar: "The Perfect Me" by Deerhoof

Troubleshooting Windows Vista: "She's Defective" by Kid606

Surfing YouTube: "Hypnotised" by Paul Oakenfold

Sequencing DNA: "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop

Battling a virus: "Flu Season" by Kid Koala

Writing a Perl script: "Never Ending Math Equation" by Modest Mouse

Placing a profile on Geek 2 Geek: "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness

Playing Dungeons & Dragons:  "All My Heroes Are Weirdos" by !!!

Do you have any others???  Post a reply!


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  1. Tony H. says:

    Playing a children's card game-Super rare awesome chocolate fudge coated mega super card. I think thats right.

  2. Cheng Chi(Jonathan) C. says:

    No one in their right minds would play those type of games except you, Xin, Jesse, etc., nerds, and people who lived under a rock for the past 30+ years, and if they did they wouldn't be alive now

  3. Tony H. says:

    There are many people who play children's card games most people who enter tournaments are adults. If you win you get great prizes, money ipods, or a laptop. Playing these games makes you use your head. And I believe children's card games weren't invented yet 30 ago.

  4. Tony H. says:

    number one :-)

  5. Cheng Chi(Jonathan) C. says:

    playing Xbox 360-Break It Out,So Much Love,Do You Feel,Save,and Taken Back by The Rocket Summer

  6. Jin Hyung(Jason) P. says:

    i feel stupid... I dont know any of the songs that mr pasz posted.. heard of some singer tho..

  7. Sophia L. says:

    me too. /:
    never heard any of the artists also. D:

  8. Sophia L. says:

    That sentence seems weird. o-O

    I've never even heard of any of the artists.

    There we go. :3

  9. Andrew(Andy) C. says:

    HUH??? I don't get what were supposed to be commenting back about.

  10. Amanda C. says:


    I agree with andy no. 1

  11. Jonathan L. says:

    What do we reply about anyways?

  12. Chen C. says:

    Card games,songs, singers.....what the heck.Are you guys randomly putting things up?

  13. Garrick K. says:

    What's "Geek 2 Geek"? It like da weird online dating for like da geeks?

  14. Chen C. says:


  15. Chen C. says:

    Whats life soundtracks?

  16. Nina L. says:

    Aren't these like soundtracks for your mood swings?
    If so, I CAN MAKE A LIST :-)
    I can make one for my sad mood, happy mood, crazy mood, and rainy mood.
    LOL. Only when I find the time.

  17. Ha Eun(Grace) K. says:

    for the texting one i think id listen to time of your life by green day or not to late by three day grace :-D

  18. Evelyn L. says:

    when i'm texting, i think i would be listening to a happy song like, strong by jordyn taylor. :]

  19. So Yun M. says:

    oh i like to listen music when i pull quilt over my head on thebed

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