One Laptop Per Child

The One Laptop Per Child initiative seeks to provide rugged, easy-to-use laptops for kids in impoverished countries (Rwanda, Haiti, Cambodia, Afghanistan). This is a cause I've been really interested in for a few years, as they've gotten up to speed.

If you read the website, you'll see that these are some really cool machines, especially for little kids (but teens and adults can use them for Internet and basic word-processing). They can be run off solar sources, car batteries, or hand cranks.

Right now (through Dec 31), they're having a deal called "Give One, Get One," which, if you donate $399, they'll send one laptop to a kid in a poor country, and you get one to play with yourself. The interface is NOT Windows, and it's very easy for kids to use. Plus it has a lot of features like a camera, mic/speakers, gamepad, long-range wi-fi, etc, and it's really rugged.

If you're interested, go to the link below. It's a good cause, a tax write-off, and you get a cool and inexpensive computer for yourself. I think I'm going to get one of these, and I'll bring it into class to show you.


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  1. Jonathan L. says:


  2. Jonathan L. says:

    I'm extremely interested to these awesome laptops and with 399 dollars you can give and get one laptop. I have several questions though.

    #1 (unnescessary but curious) Is this a non-profit organization?

    #2 If its not microsoft, how does it work?

    #3 Why do they put a neighborhood connecting on it when they give it to a child living in a remote country. There probably no one around the vicinity unless the signal can go to the United States.

    #4 Can the signal go through all of the world?

    #5 If the batteries are dead, where can the child replace it?

    Thanx ;-)

  3. D. Paszkiewicz says:

    Great questions... all answered at this FAQ page:

  4. Tony H. says:

    I wouldn't want get one because green is too tacky. But the solor and hand crank charger is cool.

  5. Jin Hyung(Jason) P. says:

    Wow.. haha this is so cocooooolll.... especially the solar charging thing.. i will have to think about getting this one with my bro.

  6. Nina L. says:

    Wait... Mr.Pasz, how much is this again? $100? If so, I want one! I agree, this laptop is too tacky and colorful. What brand is this laptop from?

  7. Chen C. says:

    30 days later and still so less people put up a comment..

  8. Chen C. says:

    I want one... I can take where ever I go and its not too expensive to lose or break. I actually prefer these kinds of laptop. If their slow and annoying...sigh.

  9. Margarita(Beech) M. says:

    I actually love the color. I think green is awesome! Well that's my opinion. I'm very interested. Where did you order it from again?

  10. Garrick K. says:

    I'm bored so I'm posting comments on all the blogs that noone looks at again =Þ. Can I buy your Labtop off of you Mr. Pasz?

  11. Chen C. says:

    you barely posted anything......

  12. Jasmine W. says:

    ...What's a labtop?


  13. Ha Eun(Grace) K. says:

    I really do like this one.
    im going to ask my dad to buy this one for his computer shop :-D

    I like the color green so i love it !

  14. Evelyn L. says:

    I like this laptop. It looks cool too! haha, i also like this laptop because it's green and thats my favoritest color! and its portable. ;D

  15. So Yun M. says:

    so if i donate, i can give one to poor people and i can get one right..?cool! i want to donate :]

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