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Welcome to the 2012-13 School Year

I am very pleased to welcome everyone to the new school year. This begins our fifth year of collaborating in engaging conversations here on the BLOG about our Arcadia Schools. We will continue to use this forum as a place to discuss issues relevant to Arcadia Unified and the education of our students.

Our goal is that the BLOG continues to be a place where you can learn about timely and important issues. We intend to keep you updated and to receive input and insight from you about everything and anything related to the school district. We will make every effort to respond to your comments and questions in a timely fashion.

I have received frequent and positive feedback about our BLOG from educators, Board of Education Members, parents, and community members from all over California (and occasionally the US). They are impressed with the quality of discussion that takes place given the complexity and diversity of topics. The civil, respectful, and professional tone of our dialogue is an important and clearly contributes to our excellence as a school district. I am confident that these standards for our discourse will continue.

On those rare occasions when a posting violates decorum and the norms, the posting will be removed. The following are the ground rules for participating in the BLOG:

  1. Any posting the includes vulgar language will be removed,
  2. Any posting that names an individual (other than me) will be removed - the BLOG is not intended to be a place to make complaints (or praises) about specific individuals or programs. We have specific processes and protocols for handling complaints (our district and uniform complaint process).
  3. Postings should be related to the school district, education in general, or state and federal policies that affect education.

Many exciting and important events will unfold during this coming school year. I look forward to hearing from you. We, the Board of Education and Administrative Staff of the Arcadia Unified School District, highly value your questions, input, and perspective. I am confident that 2012-2013 will be a terrific school year!

Dr. Joel Shawn